What is Topalerting?

Topalerting is an alert system for the financial market. It consists of a set of algorithms that periodically checks the prices of financial instruments at predetermined intervals and calculates the indicators configured by the user. Whenever a pre defined rule is met, an alert is sent to the user.

Is Topalerting a trading platform?

No, Topalerting is NOT a trading platform. Therefore it is NOT possible to buy or to sell any financial instrument on our system.

Is Topalerting a trading robot?

No, Topalerting is NOT a trading robot. And it does NOT automatically enter or exit any position on the market.

Is Topalerting free?

Topalerting has a free plan with some limited number of alerts per month. You can also choose one of the paid plans to accommodate your needs.

Do I need to know any programming language to use Topalerting?

No, the system is web-based and can be accessed via mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

What is an instrument?

Instruments are everything that is traded in the market. For instance, in the Forex market we have several instruments such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/CAD, etc.

How many and which instruments are available?

Topalerting currently has more than 130 instruments. To see the complete list of all the instruments click here.

What is the instrument prices update rate?

Prices for all instruments are updated every 5 minutes.

What is a timeframe?

Timeframe is the period (time interval) in which instrument prices are updated.

Which are the available timeframes?

The available timeframes are 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, 1 week and 1 month. Different instruments may have different timeframes

Where are the timeframes used?

Timeframes are used in the configuration of most indicators.

Can I use different timeframes to configure indicators?

Yes, but it is advisable to use the same timeframes on all indicators within an alert.

What is 'Timeframe adjusted'?

When a chart or backtest is created, the system will use the indicator timeframe. However, if you change an indicator that does not have that specific timeframe, the system will adjust to the nearst timeframe of the current instrument.

What are indicators?

Indicators are tools used by technical analysis applied in the financial market in the various instruments available. Opening, maximum, minimum, closing and negotiated volume prices can be provided in the algorithms of indicators. Their representation is always graphical and is applied together with a candle chart. Indicators are the basis of technical analysis and are essential as their combination will trigger an alert.

What types of indicators are available?

Bill Williams, Hilbert Transform, Momentum, Overlap Studies, Pattern Recognition (Japanese candles), Price Transform, Statistic Functions, Math Operators, Volatility and Volume Indicators.

How many indicators are available?

Topalerting has currently more than 210 technical analysis indicators.

How many indicators can I configure in an alert?

You can use as many indicators as you want.

What timeframes can I use in a indicator?

You can use all available timeframes.

Whats is a Trigger?

A Trigger is the combination of indicators outputs, prices, and values.

What are the options for setting up a trigger?

A trigger can have the following combinations:
- Indicador output x Indicador output;
- Indicador output x Numeric value;
- Indicador output x Price (OHLC);
- Price (OHLC) x Indicator output;
- Price (OHLC) x Numeric value;
- Price (OHLC) x Price (OHLC)

How many triggers can I configure?

You can configure as many triggers as you want.

What is an alert?

Alert is the combination of one or more triggers. It is possible to use other alerts to create an alert. The result of an alert output may determine whether an alert is going to be sent or not to the user.

What does it mean to enable and disable an alert?

When you enable an alert, the system understands that you need to run this alert with its proper triggers and indicators. If the rules are met, an alert will be sent to the user. If an alert is disabled, nothing will be sent to the user even the rules are met.

I have an alert that is composed of two other alerts. Do I need to enable the three alerts or just the last one?

Alerts can be configured with triggers and other alerts. In case it is only necessary to enable the latter since it will execute the other alerts recursively.

How many instruments can I associate for each alert?

You can associate as many instruments as you want for each alert. The alerts' threshold depends only on your plan.

I did not receive the confirmation message after the registration or when I changed my password. What happened?

If you did not receive the message via email, check your SPAM or Junk box. If possible, configure Topalerting messages as "Not Spam ".

What happens if I change my email after registering?

When you change your email address, a new confirmation message will be sent to the new address. After confirmation, your account will be enabled to receive alerts again.

Why can't I choose a paid plan?

While we are on ALFA version, only the FREE plan with 300 alerts/mo.

What if I need more alerts during ALFA version?

If you need more than 300 alerts/mo during our ALFA version, send us a message on support@topalerting.com explaining your situation.

Are the number of monthly alerts cumulative?

No. The alerts need to be consumed in the current month.